Cybersecurity Compliance

Compliance Tracking to compare existing tactical controls against regulatory requirements

Compliance with cybersecurity standards and regulatory frameworks can be complex. Data privacy requirements vary based on industry sector and country, and many organizations need to demonstrate compliance with multiple frameworks to meet legal obligations. CYRISMA’s Compliance Tracker enables organizations to track compliance with tactical security controls in multiple frameworks. The tracking feature currently covers essential controls in PCI DSS, HIPAA, SOC 2, the NIST Cybersecurity Framework, the CIS Critical Controls, the Australian Cyber Security Centre’s Essential Eight and the UK’s Cyber Essentials. View checklists of all the tactical controls that you can implement using CYRISMA, and find gaps between your existing security controls and specific framework requirements. CYRISMA includes scanning capabilities that enable you to implement many of the security controls included in regulatory frameworks from within the platform. These include security measures related to data protection, vulnerability and patch management, configuration hardening, cyber risk assessment, reporting and more.

Active Directory

Active Directory Monitoring – On-Prem and Azure AD

Active Directory (AD) serves as a central repository for managing accounts and resources in a Windows environment, and is sometimes referred to as the gatekeeper for network resources. Regular cleaning up of Active Directory is not just a good cybersecurity practice, but required by several security regulations and standards. CYRISMA’s Active Directory Monitoring feature enables you to add an agent to monitor Active Directory changes, view active accounts vs disabled accounts and do a basic clean-up. Scan results include the number of domain controllers that are enabled, information about user activity, the number of computers in the environment, users with admin rights, and more. This centralized view of your Active Directory environment (both on-prem and Azure) enables you to easily spot anomalies and tighten security, while also remaining compliant with governance, risk management, and compliance (GRC) standards.

Microsoft Secure Score to assess Microsoft Cloud security

The Microsoft Secure Score is a measurement of an organization’s Microsoft Cloud security posture. With CYRISMA’s Microsoft Secure Score feature, organizations can see the top priorities to work on in order to reduce risk in their Microsoft Cloud Environment (Azure, Office 365, etc.). In addition to providing trends and metrics that allow users to review security trends over time, the Secure Score dashboard displays the action items an organization must complete reduce the risk of data leakage and account compromise and meet compliance requirements. Recommended actions are ranked by priority of security controls that need to be implemented within Microsoft Cloud.

Active Directory

Microsoft Copilot Readiness Assessment

Microsoft Copilot Readiness Assessment is focused on data security and governance for Copilot deployment and will help you with secure integration. Ensure that you manage the data accessed and generated by Copilot in a secure manner, protect against unauthorized access, and continue to meet data privacy requirements as you leverage Copilot’s AI capabilities.

Scan your Microsoft 365 environment (SharePoint, OneDrive and mailboxes) for sensitive data prior to the Copilot Readiness Assessment to get the full benefit of the feature. You can also assign tasks to team members as part of the assessment, upload evidence documents if needed, and generate a detailed readiness report to share with stakeholders. Safeguard your organization’s sensitive information while enhancing productivity and decision-making with Generative AI.

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