Dark Web Monitoring

Find out if any of your internal or customer organizations’ data is being discussed in underground hacker forums

Dark web monitoring refers to tracking an organization’s information on the dark web (hacker forums, unindexed online activity by threat groups, etc) to check if any of its sensitive data has been compromised or is being sold illegally or discussed in hacker forums. Actively tracking your organization’s IPs, domains and email addresses on the dark web can help you predict and prevent serious attacks, be alerted to breaches early so you can initiate incident response, or assess damage more accurately if a breach has already occurred.

With CYRISMA’s dark web monitoring tool, you can find any of your own or your customers’ sensitive information being discussed in criminal forums, underground sites, and the untracked/hidden parts of the internet that you can’t find using search engines. Our dark web crawler combs the dark web to find any compromised accounts associated with your domains, and whether your data or brand is being discussed or sold in hacker marketplaces. Dark web intelligence helps you spot signs of potential attacks against your organization early, so you can take preventive measures to strengthen your defenses and stop malicious activity before it causes serious damage.

Daily Monitoring

Dark web monitoring is not about getting a one-time snapshot of your organization’s information on the dark web; it is about continually monitoring the dark web for data associated with your brand so you can predict and stop attacks that may potentially target your internal systems, or minimize damage from an ongoing breach. CYRISMA’s dark web monitoring tool, included in our Risk Management Platform, reviews different dark web data points every 24 hours to find compromised data and information about your own brand or about customer organizations so you can take mitigatory action early.

Real-time email notifications to alert customers to dark web activity involving their brand

CYRISMA alerts you to dark web activity involving your own or your customers’ information, in real time. With early warnings about data leaks and compromised information, you can be better prepared to either prevent or respond to potential attacks exploiting the compromised data. The CYRISMA platform comes with an in-built translator so you don’t have to worry about not being able to understand dark web discussions being conducted in foreign languages.

The Power of CYRISMA

Optimize Cyber Risk Management with our multi-feature SaaS platform

CYRISMA allows you to Discover, Understand, Mitigate, and Manage cyber risk with efficiency and speed

1. Discover

Discover information and mentions of your brand on the dark web without compromising your own network. Review dark web data points every 24 hours to find out if your own or your customers’ data has been compromised.

2. Understand

Understand all the different elements of the dark web and the ways in which your compromised information may be misused – from hackers discussing techniques to get into your network, to your sensitive information being sold in hacker marketplaces.

3. Mitigate

Armed with all the data about your organization on the dark web, you can tweak your incident response strategy to deal with potential attacks more effectively; stop malicious activity early; and assess the damage that attackers may have caused in past attacks.

4. Manage

Manage cyber risk more effectively with the ability to monitor the dark web. Make strategy changes and pivot quickly to block attacks and control damage if your own or your clients’ information appears on the dark web.

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