CYRISMA Platform Overview

CYRISMA provides a complete cyber risk assessment and mitigation ecosystem to organizations, MSPs and MSSPs in a single, unified platform. The cloud-delivered solution is easy to deploy and use, with capabilities for internal and external vulnerability scanning, data sensitivity scanning, secure configuration assessment, dark web monitoring, and risk monetization.

With CYRISMA, you can Discover, Understand, Mitigate and Manage your own and your clients’ cyber risk – all on a single pane of glass – removing the need for multiple point solutions to handle different components of risk management. The platform allows you to quickly find the security gaps and weaknesses in your environment, and reduce cyber risk based on actionable recommendations and mitigation plans.

Risk Management Process

1. Discover

Discover your tactical cybersecurity risks and vulnerabilities with vulnerability scans, sensitive data discovery, and secure configuration assessment. Know what sensitive data you have, where it is stored, and which assets pose the greatest risk to your organization. With options for internal and external scans, CYRISMA allows you to see your system and network vulnerabilities from multiple vantage points – both external and internal to your network. You also get to monitor the dark web for leaked data, and follow chatter about your organization in underground forums.

2. Understand

Get a clear understanding of your internal and external attack surface and security vulnerabilities by deep diving into scan and assessment results. CYRISMA maps the vulnerabilities identified in your environment to impacted assets and applications, and presents all the data you need to get to the root cause of security issues, understand their severity, and remediate vulnerabilities. With a centralized view of multiple scan results and risk scores, you can easily correlate different kinds of data to get an overall understanding of your security posture.

3. Mitigate

Mitigate the vulnerabilities identified during the scanning and assessment process with actionable recommendations for remediation, and the ability to assign mitigation tasks to either IT and security teams or end users from non-IT departments. Mitigation plans include start and end dates and the users responsible for specific mitigation tasks, making it easy to track progress and establish accountability. You can view multiple mitigation plans on a single dashboard, see what has been completed and what is in progress, and make sure you are on track to reduce risk.

4. Manage

Manage your cyber risk more effectively with a better understanding of your risk posture, easy-to-track mitigation plans, automated reporting, and risk monetization for informed decision making. Accelerate your journey towards cybersecurity maturity by focusing your efforts on areas that will have the most impact. CYRISMA also makes it easier for you to get senior leadership’s buy-in on important security investments by providing the context and data they may need to understand cyber risk and how to reduce it. Develop a matrix for accountability and constant, consistent progress.

Core Platform Solutions include:

Sensitive Data Discovery

Discover your sensitive data, where it is located and who has access to it…

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Dark Web Monitoring

Monitor the dark web for leaked or stolen information about your…

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Score Cards

Get a consolidated view of cyber risk levels across multiple risk…

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Vulnerability Management

Perform Internal and External, Agentless and Agent-based vulnerability…

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Risk Monetization

View the potential costs of breaches, ransomware attacks and the value…

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Cyber Risk Assessment Reporting

Get detailed cyber risk reports based on the latest assessments…

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Secure Baseline

Assess internal systems’ configuration against CIS Control benchmarks…

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Risk Mitigation

Create mitigation plans with accountability matrices…

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Cybersecurity Compliance

Track compliance, monitor Active Directory, assess Microsoft…

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Making Risk Management Simple

At CYRISMA, our goal is to bring affordability, accessibility and simplicity to cybersecurity.

The CYRISMA Risk Management Platform has an intuitive, easy-to-use interface, with built-in multi-tenancy. All features and capabilities are shipped out of the box, with no add-ons to purchase separately and no hidden costs.

With enhanced visibility into your internal and external attack surface, actionable recommendations to close security gaps, and the ability to plan and track mitigation activity, you start seeing results almost as soon as the platform is deployed in your environment.

CYRISMA also helps companies move closer to achieving full compliance with the regulatory policies and standards that apply to their industry with modules for automated compliance tracking with PCI DSS, HIPAA, NIST CSF and the CIS Controls; and secure baselining using the CIS Benchmarks and DISA STIGs.

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