Sensitive Data Discovery

Data Sensitivity Scanning to find and protect sensitive data on-prem and in cloud environments, including Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace

Data Sensitivity Scanning involves scanning selected systems and devices for sensitive data like financial information, PII, credit card data, SSNs and more to find sensitive databases that may be stored in plaintext unbeknownst to business owners. If left undetected, such data may be leaked, stolen or held to ransom, leading to serious financial, legal and reputational losses for organizations. Sensitivity scanning can help businesses find such unprotected data and take measures to secure it.

CYRISMA’s Data Sensitivity Scanning capability allows security teams to conduct quick scans on selected devices to find any sensitive data stored on them that needs to be protected. This includes data stored either on-prem or on the cloud, with scanning options available for Microsoft 365 Exchange mailboxes, SharePoint data, OneDrive servers, and Active Directory; and Google Workspace apps like Google Drive, Gmail, and more. The data can then be graded and classified based on volume, type, and business impact, and either deleted or encrypted to protect against breaches and ransomware attacks. Popular search categories include passwords, bank account details, SSNs, credit card data, and Driver’s Licenses.

Find where your customers’ sensitive data is located and take measures to protect it before it gets into the wrong hands.

Find and protect sensitive data stored in your own or your customers’ environments

CYRISMA’s Sensitive Data Scans help you find sensitive data stored in your own or your clients’ environments and take appropriate steps to secure this data before a malicious actor gets access to it. The most searched data categories include driver’s licenses, passwords, financial data like bank account information and credit card numbers, and Social Security Numbers. Often, such information is stored in plaintext on organizational devices without the knowledge of the IT security department, exposing the organization to serious data breaches, ransomware attacks, failed compliance audits, and legal action. With CYRISMA, you can detect this data by running a simple scan and take steps to protect it.

Choose from 150 different file types and dozens of data categories to scan for

CYRISMA’s data sensitivity scans allow you to choose from 150 different file extensions in the cloud, on premise and within your own or your clients’ email environment. You can select systems and machines/targets to run scans on, include or exclude file types and folders, and select specific data categories to look for from an extensive list of options. The platform also allows you to track month-on-month performance with easy-to-understand comparison charts, assign tasks to designated data owners, and schedule recurring scans to maintain a strong security posture.

The Power of CYRISMA

Optimize Cyber Risk Management with our multi-feature SaaS platform

CYRISMA allows you to Discover, Understand, Mitigate, and Manage cyber risk with efficiency and speed

1. Discover

Discover files containing sensitive data such as financial information, PII, Social Security Numbers (SSNs), and more. Choose from 150 different file types and dozens of different data categories to scan for.

2. Understand

Classify the data found during the scan as sensitive and non-sensitive based on volume and type, and assign sensitivity grades to different categories. Decide on the best course of action to protect critical data.

3. Mitigate

Reduce your sensitive data footprint by taking appropriate measures to protect, secure or hide this data. Take direct mitigation actions like “Delete”, “Move to a secure location”, “Remove permissions” or “Encrypt” from within the scan results dashboard.

4. Manage

Manage and protect sensitive data and reduce your risk footprint to a tolerable level by conducting regular data sensitivity scans and comparing results over a period of time to assess performance and make improvements.

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