Revolutionizing MSP Cybersecurity Strategies: Pax8 

CYRISMA’s Liam Downward and Mike Lyons join Pax8’s Kam Goldman for a discussion on top cybersecurity market trends and how CYRISMA enables MSPs to deliver effective services with a focus on data governance

Small Business Cybersecurity: It’s All About the Data

CYRISMA’s Liam Downward joins OrbitalFire’s CEO Reg Harnish to talk about how small businesses can reduce cybersecurity complexity and costs.

CYRISMA – Vulnerability Assessment & Management Review

As part of The Channel Program’s IT under 5 initiative, Garrett Browne takes a look at CYRISMA.

CYRISMA & CyFlare at the world’s largest Open XDR Summit

How the detection and response segments of security technology are transforming and how they’re enabling customers to reduce risk while reducing costs.

Understanding CIS Controls with Liam Downward from CYRISMA

CYRISMA’s CEO Liam Downward, talks to Steve Taylor at the RocketMSP talking all things CIS Controls.

Simplifying the process of identifying, assessing & mitigating risks.

Burdensome technologies that generate bloat with any organization, high licensing costs along with the long deployment times. All of these affect the ROI on organizational resources time, money and people.

Data Centric Security

Do we know where our sensitive data is located? Is the system that hosts this data free from vulnerabilities, and it is securely configured? How to assign accountability through mitigation plan to meet compliance needs.

Address the Cybersecurity Talent Gap and Resource Constraints with CYRISMA

CYRISMA’s multi-feature, easy-to-use risk management platform helps you reduce your dependence on specialized cybersecurity talent and simplify risk reduction processes

CYRISMA eradicates a multi-vendor cybersecurity approach

Step into the world of cybersecurity/IT Teams to understand their mounting pressures when using countless tools in their cybersecurity vendor portfolio to deal with potential cyber-attacks.

Reduce your IT spend and increase your cybersecurity posture with CYRISMA

Understand what companies typically spend on IT and how much of their spending on cybersecurity solutions is wasted on inefficiencies. 

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