Score Cards

Generate consolidated security scorecards to share with leadership and other stakeholders

CYRISMA’s Security Score Cards take the information collected by the latest scans of your IT environment and assets, and present it on a single, unified dashboard. You get a complete view of the entire organization’s cyber risk and internal & external attack surface, which can be easily presented to leadership teams or business stakeholders to give them a clear understanding of the company’s security posture. The score cards will also help you demonstrate progress and how quickly you were able to move the needle in the direction of reducing tactical cyber security risks.

With a unified view of risks and vulnerabilities across your databases, servers, endpoints, applications and computing environments, you can help your own organization’s executive leadership as well as client organizations to understand their security gaps and weaknesses, and which operational areas to focus on in order to attain cybersecurity maturity.

View cyber risk performance metrics and industry comparison data

With CYRISMA, Information Security Teams no longer need to capture information from multiple point solutions to correlate offline in order to present in a report or presentation. The platform correlates information from data discovery, internal and external vulnerability scans, dark web monitoring, and external threat intel, enabling information security teams to easily view, understand and remediate critical vulnerabilities and close security gaps before they can cause damage or disruption. The score cards also provide a quick view of all the operational areas that need the team’s attention and where to direct resources for maximum impact.

The Industry Comparison feature enables users to compare their cyber risk performance against that of peers in the same industry and make better strategy decisions.

Create easy-to-understand reports and demonstrate progress with CYRISMA’s security scorecards

CYRISMA’s cybersecurity score cards provide an overall security performance grade for your organization, in addition to specific grades for individual assessment categories like vulnerability scanning, sensitive data discovery, and dark web monitoring. The grades range from A+ to F, with A+ representing the best possible score and the lowest risk, and F representing extremely high risk of compromise or a breach. With the platform presenting you with key metrics and trends that are easily understood at all levels of your own and your clients’ organizations, you can make better-informed security investment decisions with the management’s support. The score cards will also come in handy when you’re preparing Quarterly or Annual Business Reports, where you need to demonstrate month-on-month progress.

The Power of CYRISMA

Optimize Cyber Risk Management with our multi-feature SaaS platform

CYRISMA allows you to Discover, Understand, Mitigate, and Manage cyber risk with efficiency and speed

1. Discover

CYRISMA’S Score Cards provide a quick view of your organization’s cybersecurity risk levels and show you your weakest links at a glance. You can then drill down into specific categories to get detailed information.

2. Understand

Risk assessment grades quantify your risk levels in various assessment categories and allow users from both technical and non-technical teams to understand areas of weakness and compare month-on-month performance.

3. Mitigate

The Score Cards help you plan and prioritize your risk mitigation efforts and move the needle on strengthening security. Create consistent mitigation workflows that end users, tech teams and leadership can follow easily.

4. Manage

While risk cannot be completely eliminated, the Score Cards can help you easily assess your cybersecurity performance and point to major gaps so you can reduce risk to a tolerable level. You can also track progress over time.

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