How CYRISMA is enabling Buena Vista University to take control of its sensitive data and introduce accountability into the cyber risk reduction process

CYRISMA was the ideal solution for BVU’s cyber risk reduction challenges for two primary reasons – it was “stunningly simple to use”, and it enabled the BVU team and employees to both see where the security gaps were and take direct mitigatory action to reduce risk.


Prior to adopting the CYRISMA platform, the main challenge for Joseph McLain, Chief Information Officer (CIO) at BVU, was protecting the massive volumes of critical, high-value data that the University handled.

With ransomware numbers in the education sector at an all-time high, even smaller private universities like BVU are exposed to serious cyber threats and need to comply with stringent cybersecurity regulations. The university is held to the same security standards as much larger institutions, but has access to only a miniscule fraction of the resources.

To meet these challenges and protect data, BVU needed a reasonably priced risk management solution that would not only provide visibility into sensitive data, vulnerabilities and overall cyber risk, but also help mitigate the risk and secure data.

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