Over the past couple of years, there has been a strategic shift in the way organizations safeguard their digital assets. More businesses are now adopting cloud-based integrated platforms and consolidating cybersecurity tools to build greater efficiency into their cyber risk reduction processes, reduce operational complexity and costs, and avoid the disruptions arising from mergers and acquisitions in the industry. In this blog post, we’ll delve into the reasons behind this shift and highlight the key benefits of cybersecurity tool consolidation.


Benefits of Cybersecurity Tool Consolidation

What are the main benefits of security tool consolidation and why are more organizations adopting a single-platform approach?


Building Cost-Effective Security Programs


With the global economy experiencing fluctuations, organizations are reevaluating their expenditures, including cybersecurity investment. In this context, the consolidation of cybersecurity tools into comprehensive solutions offers a compelling advantage. By opting for holistic solutions that address a spectrum of challenges (as opposed to products that solve individual problems), organizations can achieve more with less. This approach not only makes their cybersecurity programs more streamlined and effective, but also eliminates the need for the additional effort, training and investment needed to stitch together multiple disparate solutions.


Taming Complexity Through Consolidation


The benefits of a platform approach extend beyond cost considerations. Integrated platforms that combine multiple capabilities also enable IT and security teams to simplify operations. Unlike disparate tools that demand intricate integration by specialized engineers, consolidated platforms offer a cohesive set of capabilities within a single entity. This empowers organizations to construct more effective security programs, and do away with the complexity of getting multiple products to interoperate.


Avoiding the Negative Impact of Acquisitions


The cybersecurity industry has recently witnessed a surge in mergers and acquisitions, leading to significant disruptions for organizations that relied heavily on individual point tools which were later acquired. As vendors and products are acquired by larger companies and shift directions, the continuity of existing security programs is jeopardized. Embracing a consolidated platform approach allows organizations to mitigate the challenges arising from this kind of uncertainty, ensuring that their security measures remain robust and uninterrupted.


Protecting Sensitive Data Stored in Multiple Locations


With more organizations now operating in cloud or hybrid environments, the data being stored and handled by employees has proliferated. Cloud data grows exponentially every year and many organizations quickly lose track of where their data is stored and who has access to it. A single platform approach works especially well for cloud and on-prem data security – where the whole cycle of discovering where the data is (whether on-prem or cloud), classifying it by sensitivity and criticality, and taking steps to protect the data and secure the device or apps that handle it – is taken care of using a single, consolidated platform.


CYRISMA’s Consolidated Cyber Risk Management Platform


CYRISMA was designed by long-time cybersecurity practitioners to solve exactly the kinds of challenges discussed the in the previous section. In their many years working in the cybersecurity industry, our founders noticed the gaps inherent in cybersecurity programs that relied on dozens of single point products, each of which needed to then work together to be truly effective. It seemed that every new cybersecurity threat that emerged was addressed by vendors with a shiny new product. This led to a massive expansion in organizations’ tech stacks and made security operations much more complex than they needed to be.

To address the increasing complexity in cybersecurity operations and the associated expenses, CYRISMA brought together the most essential and high-impact cybersecurity capabilities in a consolidated SaaS platform. The idea was to enable organizations of all sizes to implement the top (framework-based) security controls using a single, multi-capability and cost-effective platform. With multi-tenancy built into the platform from its inception, CYRISMA became a favorite among MSPs and MSSPs, especially those serving small and medium-sized businesses.


Platform Capabilities include:

  • Vulnerability Scanning and Patch Management
  • Sensitive Data Discovery Scans and Data Protection
  • Secure Baseline Scanning
  • Cyber Risk Mitigation
  • Cyber Risk Quantification (in multiple currencies)
  • Dark Web Monitoring
  • Compliance Tracking
  • Cyber Risk Assessment and Reporting
  • Active Directory Monitoring
  • … and more

Read more about the CYRISMA platform on our Platform Overview page.