The 2023 G2 Spring Reports are out, and CYRISMA has been named the “Easiest to Do Business With” in one category, and a “High Performer” in multiple product categories and segments! This is the first time CYRISMA has appeared in any G2 Grid Reports, and we’re thrilled to have received as many as seven badges across four product categories!

We’re most excited about being named the “Easiest to Do Business With” in the Risk-Based Vulnerability Management category. The recognition demonstrates our focus on simplifying the licensing and deployment process for partners and clients, and helping them get started and derive real value from the CYRISMA platform quickly.

We’re grateful for our partners’ ongoing support for and trust in CYRISMA, and will continue to innovate constantly to ensure that the platform meets our customers’ evolving cybersecurity needs.

Here’s a snapshot of our badges


  • We are the “Easiest to Do Business With” in the Risk-Based Vulnerability Management Relationship Index


  • “High Performer” in the Grid® Report for Risk-Based Vulnerability Management
  • “High Performer” in the Grid® Report for Vulnerability Scanner
  • “High Performer” in the Grid® Report for Sensitive Data Discovery
  • “High Performer” in the Grid® Report for Security Risk Analysis
  • “High Performer” in the Small-Business Grid® Report for Security Risk Analysis
  • “High Performer” in the Small-Business Grid® Report for Vulnerability Scanner

The performance badges are earned based on the responses of platform users for questions featured in the G2 review form. “Rankings on G2 reports are based on data provided to us by real software buyers,” said Sara Rossio, Chief Product Officer at G2. “Potential buyers know they can trust these insights when researching and selecting software because they’re rooted in vetted, verified, and authentic reviews.” 

Visit CYRISMA’s product review page on G2.


The CYRISMA platform is listed under four categories on G2, and is a High Performer in all four.

Risk-Based Vulnerability Management

Risk-based vulnerability management software is used for the identification and prioritization of vulnerabilities based on customizable risk factors. Organizations rely on such solutions to assess their entire IT systems, cloud services, and/or applications, and establish the order of priorities.

Security Risk Analysis

Organizations employ security risk analysis software solutions to scrutinize their IT portfolios and rectify possible security concerns. These tools monitor networks, applications, and infrastructure to detect vulnerabilities and subsequently offer users suggestions to incorporate supplementary security measures or solutions.

Vulnerability Scanner Software

Vulnerability scanners are used to scan applications and networks and identify security vulnerabilities. These scanners keep a current record of known vulnerabilities and perform scans to detect potential security gaps. Organizations use vulnerability scanners to test their applications and networks against known vulnerabilities and pinpoint any new vulnerabilities that may have arisen.

Sensitive Data Discovery

Sensitive data discovery software assists enterprises in discovering sensitive data stored across various company systems, such as databases, applications, and user endpoints. Companies use this software to determine the location of critical data, frequently for compliance with industry regulations for data protection and privacy.


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CYRISMA Platform Overview

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